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hewson brace walking view

As with all parts of DDH, different doctors do things in different orders with braces. The main thing is to make sure you understand your pediatric orthopedic surgeon's instruction regarding how often your child is to wear the brace. It is tempting to not make your child wear the brace, especially if the child is uncomfortable in any way or restricted. For the sake of your child's hip or hips follow the doctors instruction to the letter.

A Hewson brace is a contraption made out of foam, hard plastic and velcro. It is used as a next step up from the Pavlik Harness. Some doctors prescribe this brace after spica casts come off. It is not always used, however. Some babies don't need it, while others will go straight on to casts or surgery. It is all relative to the particular situation.

hewson brace front view hewson brace back view

This brace is usually allowed off for bathing, and can be removed when changing diapers. Some doctors allow time out for exercise, but please never do this unless your doctor says it is OK. It is generally a less restrictive garment than the harness, and babies can usually learn to sit up wearing it.

denis browne splintdenis browne splintThere are alternatives to the Hewson brace. Here are front and back views of a baby in a Denis Browne Splint. It is a strip of padded aluminum around the back with 2 leather rings around the legs holding them up and 2 cloth straps over the shoulders.

Illfield brace back viewAn Illfield brace is used for younger children where the pavlik brace has not seemed to work. This brace seems to be becoming more common.

Correctio brace front viewCorrectio brace back viewA third brace is called the Correctio brace. It can be worn outside of the clothing and may be easier to use than a Hewson brace. So far we have only heard of its use in Australia.

Scottish-Rite walking abductor braceSome braces may be used more with older children. This particular brace is called a Scottish-Rite brace (also called an Atlanta brace) and can be worn while walking.

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