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Clothing can sometimes be a problem when dealing with harnesses and casts. Larger sizes are often needed, and some articles of clothing will just not fit at all, especially fitted pants and the like.

One piece outfits in larger sizes work well. Look for outfits with minimal elastic around the legs to accommodate the width of the cast. "Onesies" extenders (3" strip of cloth with snaps) can be made or purchased from most baby supply stores to lengthen outfits. Ankle length infant socks work well for the feet.

If you wish to cover the legs (particularly if they are covered with rough fibreglass), boys tube socks with the feet cut out can be fitted over the cast.

hand-made diaper cover Our "essential" piece of clothing for use over the Pavlik Harness was a pair of very baggy sweatpants. They did not push into the straps in any way and were very easy to remove. Most other types of pants were out of the question.

One list member made diaper covers from fabric. These were basically a piece of material in an hourglass shape which fastened with velcro. Pilchers may be available in this pattern, as well. These covers make a baby look like she is wearing an outfit rather than just a shirt.

For nighttime, a bag-type sleeper is best. Slits should be cut in the seams to let the feet out.

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