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play table with semi-circle cut out for access

play desk

Entertaining a slightly older child while they are basically immobile can be one of the greatest challenges.

Babies of sitting age are much happier if they can be propped upright. This can be achieved by the use of a bean bag chair or umbrella stroller (also see Practical Tips). A TV tray or similar can be used to put toys within reach. Some desks work very well. One especially creative parent made their own table with a lip so items would not fall off.

ride on toy

Ride-on toys are a big hit. Most are able to accommodate a cast.

ball pit

One mother found that this ball pit was a great item to have. The child was placed inside, on a bean-bag chair, and could entertain herself this way.

johnny jump-up

If possible, rearrange your house a little to put items within reach, eg. place items on a low shelf so the stroller can be wheeled up to it. This will help baby feel more independent.

For younger children, look for toys that baby can lay under and play with such as arches and "/\" shaped toys. It is also important for babies in harnesses to have "tummy time".

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