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first pavlik harnessThe Pavlik harness is usually suggested as the first stage in treatment. It is a harness made of canvas straps, velcro and buckles. It serves to keep the legs apart and at the correct angle. Doctors usually suggest that it will be used for six weeks. It may be longer.

Regular physiotherapy sessions are required, to make sure the fit is correct and that the skin below isn't being chafed or otherwise harmed.

Your doctor or physiotherapist may supply a harness, or tell you where you can get one. There is a gentle type of harness available, well worth checking out. It is called The Kicker.

second pavlik harnessSome types of clothing may be difficult or impossible to use. For more info, see clothing.

Baths are usually not allowed. Sponge baths are the alternative. It is also advisable to protect the legs of the harness when changing solied diapers. This can be done with an old piece of material.

When in the harness, babies must not be placed on their side or lifted from the feet. When holding baby, it is best to have one leg either side of your body, keeping the legs well apart.

If you feel that the harness isn't fitting properly or needs adjusting, contact your physiotherapist immediately. Don't attempt to remove or adjust the harness yourself! It can soon become a confusing tangle.

Some doctors or physiotherapists recommend the use of a soft shirt under the harness, but not all of them. Discuss this if you feel your baby needs one.

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