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stroller used with spica

sitting sideways in a high chair

improvisation - a high chair made from a car seat

Umbrella strollers work well with the cast. Some come with a removable padded bar that can be put under the baby for more stability. Use a pillow behind the baby to prop him or her up and always use the seat belt. A stroller can be used in place of a high chair to feed baby and folds easily for travel.

A bean-bag chair is almost a "must-have". It moulds around the child and you can place them in almost any position you need from semi-reclined to almost straight up so it can be used for entertainment purposes or whatever you need. Small bean-bags can be used as padding to support the child.

With the spica cast, babies won't sit normally in a high-chair. Here, the child is sitting sideways with their left leg in normal position and their right leg behind the high-chair's support bar. In the other picture, a high-chair could no longer be used, so an old car seat is used with bean-bags under the legs for support.

bouncy seat

Straight back infant seats also work wonderfully (most seats are "L" shaped to bend at the waist and won't work with the cast).

The Spelcast car seat is specifically designed for children in hip spica casts.

spelcast car seat

baby in a regular car seat

At times, a regular baby car seat can be used to transport a child.

To carry baby for long periods of time (i.e. grocery shopping), use a NoJo baby sling. It wraps around baby and holds him or her close to your body to free up your hands. Note: slings are not recommended for babies in the harness.

You can breastfeed with an infant in a spica or harness! You will look awkward, but it can be done. In general, one leg is by your ear and one leg is by your waist. Also, an 11-pound baby becomes a 25-pound baby in a spica so use pillows to support your arms and wrists so they don't get tired.

sleeping with a pillow

To keep baby on an incline while sleeping, use a wedge pillow. Place folded towels under the baby's feet.

Most importantly: don't try and go through this alone. Try to find a competent sitter so you can spend time with your partner, friends or family. Take advantage of home visit services, if you have them in your area. And remember, you are not alone.

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